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Streamline Ranking and Selection of Productive Clones

The ICON™ with integrated STUDIUS™ data management platform enables scientists in the biotherapeutic development industry to digitally transform their process and make informed decisions quicker, earlier, and more securely.

Transform Cell Culture Rankings:

  • Combined Cell Viability and Titer assays in one instrument
  • Low volume assays between 20 μL – 60 μL​
  • Rapid titer assay
  • STUDIUS data management for instant, error free clone stratification and selection

Rank Best Producers Without Risk of Error

Previously, the ranking process involved multiple instruments producing data in various formats leading to cumbersome and error prone data analysis via visual comparison of excel sheets etc.

With ICON/STUDIUS, ranking of clones takes place automatically and without human intervention, thus eliminating errors.

What Customers Value About ICON

“ICON benefits ACG and our customers by providing fast timelines, flexibility with large clone numbers, immediate data access, and high-producing clone identification. It boosts customer confidence and enhances our efficiency.”

– Kayla Bean,
AGC Biologics

Learn More About ICON™

ICON Customer Evaluations

Industry Proven Performance

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Improving Cell Line Development Processes Through Accurate, Low Volume and Rapid Automated Cell Counting and Viability on the ICON™ Instrument Using STUDIUS™ Data Management Software

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Validation of ICON™ Automated Cell Counting and Viability Assay

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