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Hello again!

Welcome back to our monthly reagent blog. Today I’m going to be sharing some InstiTHAW data with you.

If you have a HEK cell line which struggles with poor viability and viable cell density (VCD) during cryopreservation and/or revival then this is one definitely worth a read!

Here’s what we did…

293-F cells were cryopreserved and revived with medium supplemented with and without InstiTHAW HEK at 1×106 cells/mL.

The viability (%) and viable cell density (cells/mL) of the cells were assessed on 6 days following revival.

Let’s take a look at the results…

As you can see, the cells really benefitted from the having InstiTHAW present during both cryopreservation and revival.

At day 6 post revival, the VCD of cells supplemented with InstiTHAW was 6.39×106 cells/mL compared to 3.55×106 cells/mL. Once more, the viability was also higher – Cells supplemented with InstiTHAW had a viability of 93% compared to 86% (see Figure 1 for more details).

Figure 1. Shows the viable cell density (cells/mL) and viability (%) of the FreeStyle™ 293-F cells day 6 post revival.


ITW-ITW: Cryporeserved with InstiTHAW™ HEK, revived into medium with InstiTHAW HEK

Media-Media: Cryopreserved following SOP, revived into medium alone.

Short and sweet – that’s it from me this month!

If you’re HEK cells are looking for some love and support, then you know what to do…

Get in touch for information.

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