Discover Protinol™ and Renol™

Protinol and Renol Osmolality Controls Confirm Your Osmometer Performance at Clinically Relevant Ranges Giving You Confidence in Your Results While Saving You Time.

  • Clinically relevant formulas so you can confidently report results
  • Tight tolerances so you can quickly spot shifts in performances
  • Ready-to-use: no thawing, adding water or mixing
  • Meet CAP and CLIA guidelines


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What Customers Value

“The Protinol and Renol QC that Advanced Instruments offers is just what our lab needed to verify and feel confident in our instrument’s performance at clinically relevant levels. Our original QC material was only assessing abnormal high values. Now with Protinol and Renol QC, we have QC that measures low, normal and high values, which helps us stay in control at all decision points.”

Other things we love

  • QC is refrigerated – no more thawing so saves time!
  • QC barcodes – No more creating new barcodes for each new lot number! Now we can easily scan the provided barcodes with each QC run to ensure all results make it to the LIS. It has helped us stay more organized and eliminated manual entry of results. The barcodes look much prettier than our homemade ones too, so we appreciate that!
  • Peer Group – What a great resource to have access to and it is very easy to use!
  • Stability/Reliability – We seem to have way less QC issues with the new QC and are always hitting the targets!

– Protinol & Renol Customer from 350 Bed Hospital
from Pacific Northwest in the United States

Industry Proven Performance

Product Brochure

Protinol™ Protein-based Controls and Renol™ Urine Osmolality Controls

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A Conversation with the CAP on Osmometer Quality Control

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Reliable Osmolality Results: The Importance of Controls in Medical Laboratory Settings

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Osmolality Linearity Set

0, 500, 900, 1500, 2000 mOsm/kg H2O 5x 2x 2 mL Ampules

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