Discover Advanced Anoxomat® III

Anoxomat Automatically and Easily Creates Exact, Repeatable Environments to Give You Confidence in Your Patient Results

  • Improve the quality and consistency of anaerobic, microaerophilic, and capnophilic growth 
  • Easily create custom environments in 5 minutes 
  • Effective and rapid bacterial recovery in less time 
  • Reduce costs and laboratory waste with low gas consumption


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What Customers Value

“Ease of use and reproducibility of results are excellent. I would recommend this product for any microbiology department to ensure proper anaerobic conditions are met!”

- Stefanie Taitano, Keesler Air Force Base

Industry Proven Performance


Advanced Anoxomat III Product Brochure

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Application Note

Advanced™ Anoxomat® III and Ergonomic Jars: an alternative to the Anaerobic Chamber and GasPak™ System

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Application Note

ANOXOMAT® III Gives Superior Results: Comparison to gaspak sachet generating methods

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The Advanced Anoxomat® III In Action

The Complete Advanced Anoxomat® III System