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安达望宣布和Sysmex America成为合作伙伴



Partnership enables use of Sysmex’s innovative technology with Advanced Instruments’ novel GloCyte Automated Cell Counter System, providing an easy-to-use, CSF-dedicated analyzer to help physicians make more timely and accurate patient diagnoses

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. and NORWOOD, Mass. – July 24, 2018 – Sysmex America and Advanced Instruments announced a partnership today that will broaden the Sysmex portfolio with Advanced Instruments’ automated “GloCyte” cell counter system. The technology provides an unprecedented detection level for automated cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) cell counts to labs across the Americas.

CSF is collected from patients when it is critical to physicians’ ability to diagnose leukemia, hemorrhaging, malignancies, infections and other conditions, which may involve the central nervous system.

Advanced Instruments’ patented GloCyte system uses a unique combination of fluorescence, microscopy with digital image analysis, highly specific reagents and an intelligent counting algorithm to provide extremely precise, reliable, timely and linear counts down to zero for both red blood cell (RBC) and total nucleated cell (TNC) in cerebrospinal fluid in adult and pediatric patients.

Prior to the introduction of the automated GloCyte system, the standard method of counting RBC and TNC was a labor-intensive, manual process using a Neubauer Hemocytometer counting chamber, and could only be performed by specialized laboratory staff.

“The addition of GloCyte makes our portfolio of diagnostic analyzers even more versatile, scalable and customizable to the unique needs of the many laboratories and physicians who depend on them to provide patients with the very best in healthcare,” said Andy Hay, chief operating officer of Sysmex America. “While diagnostic technology like our XN-3100 and XN-9100 provide highly accurate and reliable results for an array of health conditions, for laboratories testing CSF, adding GloCyte is a solution that provides accurate cell counts at clinically relevant low levels while offering maximum efficiency and minimum workflow disruption.”

Under the agreement, Sysmex America, Inc. will be the exclusive distributor of GloCyte in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

“Our two companies share a commitment to the highest levels of accuracy and reliability in diagnostic testing and customer service,” said Byron Selman, president and chief executive officer of Advanced Instruments. “For laboratories that conduct CSF testing, the addition of GloCyte will provide the lowest level of detection for an automated cell counter at one cell per microliter with faster turnaround times.”

Business as usual for GloCyte and Sysmex customers

Advanced Instruments and Sysmex America will carefully implement a seamless transition for customers during the next few months, ensuring that laboratories continue to enjoy the high level of service and support they receive today. Additional information will be provided directly to GloCyte customers in the coming weeks.

Until then, GloCyte customers should operate on a “business as usual” basis and continue to work with Advanced Instruments.

For more about GloCyte CSF technology, visit the Sysmex America and Advanced Instruments websites.

About Sysmex America

Sysmex America is lighting the way to better health with diagnostic solutions that transform the future of healthcare and contribute to healthier lives. Its innovative hematology, urinalysis and flow cytometry testing technology is reshaping the world of diagnostics across the U.S., Canada and Latin America. As the regional unit of Kobe, Japan-based Sysmex Corporation laboratories – a trusted global leader respected for optimizing the efficiency, operations and financial performance of clinical laboratories – it offers diagnostics that equip patients and the healthcare professionals who treat them with the information needed to make decisions with greater trust and confidence. Sysmex, founded in 1968, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Forbes magazine named Sysmex one of the most innovative companies in the healthcare equipment and services category, and the Center for Companies That Care named Sysmex America to its “Honor Roll.” To learn more about Sysmex America, please visit

About Advanced Instruments

Advanced Instruments is a global provider of scientific and analytical instruments for the clinical, biotechnology, and food-and-beverage industries. Since 1955, the company’s innovations have helped organizations improve quality of results, achieve reliable outcomes, and increase workplace productivity. Advanced Instruments has a diverse portfolio of products, including: freezing-point osmometers, cerebrospinal fluid cell counters, anaerobic jar systems, cryoscopes, pasteurization test systems, and testing standards and controls. For more information, visit


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Advanced Instruments:
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