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安达望推出可优化细胞系开发工作流程的高效单细胞铺板仪 Solentim VIPS ® PRO


VIPS PRO delivers powerful and efficient seeding technology and definitive proof of monoclonality for workflow productivity and confidence.

Norwood, Mass., September 28, 2022 – Advanced Instruments today announced the launch of Solentim VIPS PRO, a high efficiency single cell seeder, at the BioProcess International Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. VIPS PRO revolutionizes cell line development (CLD) and GMP manufacturing by combining powerful seeding technology with two-step, image-based proof of monoclonality and proprietary Artificial Intelligence-driven cell recognition for increased productivity and confidence.

A major challenge in CLD is providing absolute proof of clonal line generation that regulatory authorities require. VIPS PRO offers a unique Double-Lock Assurance of clonality, generating the two pieces of image-based evidence required for IND submission. Compared to other methods, such as limiting dilution, VIPS PRO’s industry-leading seeding and clonal assurance process eliminates human error, reduces hands-on time, and accelerates process development and clinical manufacturing.

Based on the original VIPS technology, VIPS PRO is an indispensable technology for bringing innovative biotherapeutics to market. The instrument delivers a of range benefits for GMP-compatible clinical manufacturing labs, including:

“VIPS PRO is a game-changer for single cell seeding, combining powerful, efficient seeding technology with definitive image-based proof—NOT probability—of monoclonality,” said Byron Selman, CEO of Advanced Instruments. “At Advanced Instruments, customer feedback is integral to what we do and how we design new products. VIPS PRO builds on our trusted VIPS technology with thoughtful updates that meet the needs of our customers.”

VIPS PRO is part of an ecosystem of technologies from Advanced Instruments built to accelerate cell line development workflows, from initial discovery to scale-up and manufacturing of biotherapeutics. To learn more about VIPS PRO, visit

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Contact:  Lisa Fahey, VP Global Marketing

About Advanced Instruments
Advanced Instruments is a global provider of scientific and analytical instruments for the bioprocessing and clinical industries. For more than 65 years, the company’s innovations have helped organizations improve quality of results, achieve reliable outcomes, and increase workplace productivity. In the biopharma space, the Solentim portfolio of best-in-class imaging and single-cell deposition technologies enables the clonal isolation, outgrowth, and characterization of the highest value cells for monoclonal antibody upstream development and cell and gene therapy. Its OsmoTECH® line of micro-osmometers are built specifically to support workflows throughout every phase of bioprocessing. Similarly, clinical labs worldwide rely on Advanced Instruments’ innovative solutions for delivery of accurate and timely patient results in their clinical chemistry, microbiology, and hematology labs. For more information, visit

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