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安达望推出用于微生物细菌培养的 Anoxomat III厌氧培养罐系统


Advanced Instruments Introduces Anoxomat III for Bacterial Cultivation
Innovated to streamline workflow, boost productivity and improve the quality of results.

Advanced™ Anoxomat® III Anaerobic System

NORWOOD, MA — Advanced Instruments, a leader in laboratory instrumentation, will display the newly launched Anoxomat III at the 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in San Diego, CA, Booth 4951, August 1-3.

The new Advanced™ Anoxomat III is a valuable instrument for microbiologists for the isolation of bacteria, which is critical to the analysis and identification of pathogens. The system can create reliable anaerobic, microaerophilic, or capnophilic environments, within 5 minutes.

Anoxomat’s ability to produce exact and repeatable environmental conditions with low gas consumption means that managers can expect a substantial consumables cost savings of approximately 70% when compared to customers using conventional gas chambers and gas packs.

“We find that microbiologists, in both the clinical microbiology and in research labs, want to cultivate anaerobic bacteria in a more cost-effective and efficient way.  With its innovative technology, Anoxomat addresses their needs and frustrations. It’s an extraordinary tool for bacterial growth of all types,” said Sinderella Abdallah, Product Manager.

The Anoxomat III has been redesigned with a smaller footprint that meets laboratories’ tight bench space. Its anaerobic jars have been re-engineered to provide easy-to-secure closure and a compact design that maximizes incubator space. These improvements and features deliver a new level of operating flexibility.

The Anoxomat III enables laboratories to manage their time effectively and efficiently by minimizing false negatives and re-confirming of results. It requires minimum maintenance and downtime so delivery of results is not jeopardizerd. When gas chambers and gas packs are replaced with the Anoxomat system, a single technician can use just one process protocol for any bacterial cultivation –instead of multiple processes in multiple locations.

The Anoxomat can be found in clinical microbiology, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, dairy, industrial, veterinary, environmental, petrochemical and quality control laboratories, worldwide. Anoxomat is leading the way with cutting edge instrumentation that meets the microbiology laboratory’s critical needs for cost savings and guaranteed bacterial growth.

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About Advanced Instruments

Advanced Instruments LLC, is a leading supplier of instrumentation for clinical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, microbiology and dairy laboratories around the world. Quality, reliability, service and support have been the company’s guiding principles since our founding in 1955. Our innovative application of technology helps healthcare organizations improve the quality of care and industrial companies enhance quality and productivity. For more information, please visit

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